the shadow girl
Mystique Facilier

Good evening, the name is Mystique. Where do I live? Oh, the catacombs of the palace. What do I do? Plot your downfall. Don't look so surprised, you should be expecting it.

I've once accidentally landed in an alternative post apocalyptic world, which was fun and all but due to everyone'd death, it wasn't so much fun anymore.

I regenerated as a descendant of Dr. Facilier, but I keep my powers even though I am mostly human now.

So now, I'm around Miami and traveling around through underground catacombs. If you wish, you can approach me and have a chat.

[[An OC, descendant of Dr. Facilier who is part shadow creature, will rp with anyone]]
[[m!a: none currently]]
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"Hello. You have darkness ‘round you. What are you?"

A smug smile can be found on her face as she stepped out of the shadows. Light fell on her bright red ringlets and her dark as night irises as she gazed upon the other. “That’s one way to put it,” she hissed, for that’s how her voice usually sounded. “I am half human, half shadow creature. What made you realize I have darkness around me?”

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Out of the Shadow Realm [open] 

The trip from New Orleans to the new city would have taken a shorter period of time, it wasn’t for the brewing storm. Mystique was still trying to figure out her shadow powers. So she an completely turn into a shadow, but that’s only when she can absolute control of her mind and train of thought. She didn’t have to turn into a shadow now, for it was a dark and bleak day itself.

In fact, she wondered if it would ever stop raining, not that it bothered her. She preferred it this way. At last, she finally slipped to a convenience store and took on her full human form, pulling her trench coat tight to her as a stranger stepped to her shadow. Ouch.

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ari has taken over this account from now

and so, mystique is ressurrected

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[[This is an indie blog for Mystique now, and she’s Shadow Henley’s older sister who travels around and occasionally visits him]]

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Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

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